1954 Plan of the LeTourneau community in Vicksburg, Mississippi. (Courtesy of Dale Hardy at the R.G. LeTourneau Heritage Center. )

Welcome to my TournaTalk research site. I have started this blog in order to gather and share information on my research; I am researching the Tournalayer housing system invented by R.G. LeTourneau circa 1945. After receiving many responses to information on my website at I  created this website to bring together information regarding Robert Gilmore “R.G.” LeTourneau’s ideas on the house.



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  1. Hi, I’m looking for data and photos on the Le Tourneau B-26, can anyone help me please, regards Martin – UK

    • Hello naoleonbony,
      Most of my research has been on the housing systems and community building for which R.G. LeTourneau was responsible. I am very familiar with the Tournapull, Tournalayer, Tournatrailer and Tournacranes that were used for construction. I tried to look up the B-26 you mentioned but cannot find it listed in Eric C. Orlemann’s book “R.G. LeTourneau Heavy Equipment: The Mechanical Drive Era 1921-1953” Iconografix, 2008. The B39 was a Tournalayer, the B41 was a Tournamover and the B9 was a Tournatrailer. What is the B-26 on which you are doing research? I see that you are writing from the U.K. There were many pieces of LeTourneau house machines sent overseas to Liberia and Israel as well as South America. I would be interested in any further information you have as well.

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