LeTourneau and His Airplanes

LeTtourneau Airplane Research LINK to 6 page PDF

Recently napoleanbony replied to a post asking about a B-26 and I mistakingly thought that he was looking for information and pictures for one of LeTourneau’s models of machines. As it turns out he was asking for information on the Douglas B-26.

I had found a little information on the airplanes (see photos). I had researched the airplanes of LeTourneau a little as that is how LeTourneau often viewed the landscape, not from the ground view but from the bird’s eye view.

After researching LeTourneau archives for many days, I was focused on the housing systems developed by R.G. LeTourneau.



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3 responses to “LeTourneau and His Airplanes

  1. George Walters

    Once again a simple thank you is not enough, I grew up with these kids and went to school with them.
    George Walters

    • I enjoyed looking at the comments your friends made as well. I will look to see if there are more images of the people from the community. I know there are several photos of chapel being held at the river for the men working on the oil rig the Scorpion. Also there is a wonderful cartoon illustration that accurately shows the LeTourneau community. Thanks so much for your interest as well.

  2. George Walters

    That would be great to see more photos, Thanks again, George

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