Everett E. Henderson Jr’s PhD research at the University of Florida involved a house-making machine invented in 1944 by R.G. LeTourneau; the Tournalayer was used to pour a “house-a-day” to rapidly create communities. I am interested in the communities that were created, the machine, the craftsmen, and the families that lived in the communities.

His topic of the Machine and the Craftsman in Modern American Architecture: Tournalayer Housing in the 1940s has led him to his own past where he discovered he lived in a machine-made house in his early years.

He is interested in the Tournalayer and the processes that were developed to create concrete houses in a single pour of concrete. Your stories of the houses and the communities would be appreciated.

The header image above is of the Tournalayer (Courtesy of the LeTourneau University Archives). To the left is the inner form and to the right is the Tournalayer holding the outer form. The Tournalayer worked with the Tournamixer and Tournacrane to create a house in a day.


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